Recommendations / Compliments

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The compliments below are from my work as a high school librarian and Webmaster. A lot of my work is helping students and staff with technology.

“I just want to give a HUGE shout out to Mr Jones who helped me so much this past week with computer stuff!! You are awesome, and are ALWAYS willing to help!” – Nursing teacher

This is an AWESOME resource…thanks for being an amazing librarian!!  You have transformed our library into a center for learning.” – a Social Studies teacher

You are amazing!!!  Saved my whole lesson plan. I do not know how we were so lucky to get you at [high school], but PLEASE don’t retire soon!  It has been so many years when the library was this supportive and inviting to teachers and students. Thanks again!” – a Social Studies teacher

“Thank you for your outstanding support of everything [specific career testing].  You make a big difference to the students and teachers at [high school].” – a career oriented teacher

“Thank you!  You’re a big help to everyone at [high school] …what we’d call a “force multiplier” in the [military]!” – an ROTC teacher

Thank you, we are so glad you are here! [at my high school]” – a Guidance Counselor

You are doing at great job!!  You have made our Library the warmest and friendliest IT HAS EVER been – and I’ve been here a really long time – so kudos to you for a job well done!!” – an administrator

“Thanks for everything you do!!! We have the best website in Southeastern NC!!!” – a coach

You are simply amazing. Thank you for all of the laminating and for helping my students with everything. I’m so glad you’re at [high school]!!!  We are lucky to have you!!” – a teacher

A compliment from a professional organization that I created and maintain a Website for

“Just a note to thank you for helping with all the posting of the lectures and computer help. It was definitely one less problem for us to have to worry about especially as we had several people hand in their presentations late! Thank you for doing this for us!”