Google Knowledge Panels now offer ‘Share’ option

Have you noticed the little panel of information on the right of SOME Google search results? Example: Google Search on ‘Ukuleles’

In the example below the ‘knowledge panel’ is shown below ads.

Google Knowledge Panel

Note the ‘ > ‘ share symbol to the right of the bold word ‘Ukulele‘. When you click on that you will be shown sharing options.

Sharing options for Google Knowledge Panels

Here is an article to learn about other features – “Google Knowledge Graph Panel Adds Share Feature & More

Like Hamburgers? Not everyone does, it seems…

In fact, some hate hamburgers at least when they are on a Website or browser. What ARE you talking about?

“The hamburger leads the way in the ubiquitous web experience. Seeing a new lease of life in mobile design’s rise, the three small bars continue to pop up over all number of platforms. “

Hamburge Icon (Source: BBC

Source: BBC

A Brief History of the Hamburger Icon

See also, this BBC article: Hamburger icon: How these three lines mystify most people