Computer, iPad/Tablet, iPhone/Android Phone Tutoring for Adults (and Kids)

Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones

You might need a computer tutor IF…

…you ever sit down at the computer and wonder how in the world you are going to do what you want to do and wonder how you will ever get the results that you want (or need) to get.

…if you need to save time doing what you need to do?
…if you need to be able to communicate better with family, friends, colleagues or clients?

…if you need to design a personal budget, score higher on computer tests, or just want challenge yourself to learn the next level of computer skills?
Improving your computer skills can help you in SO MANY WAYS!

Need help?

You’ll find lots of Tech Tips on this Website and via our social media and if you need more personal help I can help you one on one.xxxxx

I can help you with everything from learning how to use a mouse, formatting a resume, setting up an email address, posting photos on the Internet, starting a blog, using Microsoft Office and much more.

You can be more efficient with your time AND more organized!

You can get a better job with computer skills!
You can make your presentations and communications more appealing!
Are you a beginner? I promise after only one short session you will be able to surprise your kids or grandkids with all the great things you can do!
Are you an experienced or advanced user but want to learn a new skill?

I can help you one on one OR via Tech Tips galore!

Whatever you need to do, I can help you do it better!

I’ll sit down with you in your home and on your own computer OR work with you remotely and patiently lead you to learn how to accomplish your tasks and to make the computer do what you could only dream it would do.

I’ll create step-by-step instructions for you to follow, set up bookmarks, and whatever helps you achieve your goals.

Have you ever considered getting help with your computer skills? It is time to do just that – I guarantee that I can help you! (Click here to learn more about me)!