is a great tool for showing others your ‘route’

Do you enjoy traveling? Like to share with friends your trip?’s measuring tool is great for giving a general view of a trip.

I use it to map my Stand Up Paddling trips because I don’t want to take my iPhone out on the water (ruined one and can’t afford another one!). ┬áHere is an example:'s Measuring Tool

Here is how you can use it…

  • Type in the city or zip code in the ‘Location’ field and ‘enter’
  • Look under the map for these options and select one –

Total Distance Miles km Nautical Miles Yards

  • Click on ‘Full Screen’
  • Enlarge the map by scrolling mouse or clicking ‘+’.
  • Click on your STARTING point
  • Click on your next stop (or along the road curves, etc.) as much as you like. Click on the pin and drag to move it to a new location.
  • When finished, click on ‘Close Screen’.
  • Look for the mileage (or your choice) under the map.