Hilarious! Wearing VR Headsets in Public…

NPR.org posted “Wearing VR Headsets In Public Is Now A (Very Awkward) Thing”

The story featured this funny YouTube video –

Unfortunately, I can really see myself (and my son…and my nephew…) doing this. LOL

My only fear is that someone would touch me and I’d be scared out of my skin! Much like this guy…(advance over to about 1:20)

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What is this VR or Virtual Reality like? I’ve seen a glimpse and WOW!

Just the other evening something on TV or something made me think, “I would like to learn more about VR (Virtually Reality), Google Cardboard, etc.”

The NEXT morning one of my students randomly said, “Mr. Jones, do you want to try my new Virtual Reality headset?”. Immediately, I said, “YES!”

(UPDATE: Ironically, a week later I got my second opportunity to experience VR at the Azalea Festival Street Festival compliments of Wells Fargo.)

Here is a video showing excerpts of the game, ‘Smash Hits’ that he let me play. Unfortunately, it nor pictures can do it justice – they are flat and not 3D, not to mention NOT Virtual Reality.

The headgear fit much like a ‘c-pap’ machine and doesn’t do much for your hairstyle either, similar to the c-pap. LOL

Me wearing 'VR Gear powered by Occulus' headgear









The headgear was a Gear VR powered by Oculus.

Gear VR powered by Oculus headgear










A Galaxy S7 smartphone was attached to the front.

A Galaxy S7 Phone was attached to the front of the VR headgear


The experience was AMAZING! I could not believe how real it felt – I felt immersed in the game, felt like I would hit walls, fall off cliffs, etc. When I pulled the headgear off it was the weirdest feeling to see the real floor and things around me – It was like I exited another world!

I found out that the game is a mobile game that had been adapted for VR. I am not a ‘gamer’, but I could get addicted to it! Here is an article about it – ‘Mobile success ‘Smash Hit’ is even better in VR‘.

Here is a screenshot from the article –

Screenshot of 'Smash Hit' from UpLoadVR.com

Source: UpLoadVR.com


Here is a Wikipedia article on Samsung VR Gear, the headset the student owned.

VR headgear styles, functions and prices very greatly. Many eagerly anticipate the release of Vive VR which is available via pre-orders for $799.

Here are some more reasonably priced examples:

The headgear like the student had is currently available for under $100…

A less expensive kind that I’d like to try…

…Then there are lots of versions of Google Cardboard that are well under $20 (some under $10).


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