Buying a New Computer

Desktop vs. Laptop

The choice between buying a desktop vs. a laptop is pretty much a personal one but I’ll share some ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of each.


Pros –

  • usually more RAM memory
  • usually more hard drive space (possibly even mulitple hard drives as well as a solid state drive)
  • in my opinion they last longer
  • usually have a full-size keyboard
  • operated with a mouse which is much easier than a laptop mouse pad
  • usually have more features such as USB ports, CD/DVD drive
  • better graphic card for better monitor performance

Cons –

  • you are tied down to a desk
  • not portable – you can’t take it with you to meetings, to the library, on vacation, etc.
  • take up more space – require a desk or table with room for the keyboard and mouse


Pros –

  • you aren’t tied down to a desk – you can sit in a chair, on the couch or the bed
  • portable – you CAN take it with you to meetings, to the library, on vacation, etc.
  • takes up less space – does not require a desk or table
  • you can easily hook it up to a LCD projector and possibly a TV

Cons –

  • usually less RAM memory
  • usually less hard drive space
  • in my opinion they don’t last as long
  • usually have a more compact keyboard and may not have a separate numbers keypad
  • operated with a mouse pad which is more difficult to use than a desktop mouse
  • usually have less features such as USB ports, CD/DVD drive
  • probably has an inferior graphic card to a desktop

Mac, Windows, Chromebook or other?

A few years ago I would have said go with Windows because I liked the way they operate and the way that you manage content. That was before Windows 8. I really liked Windows XP and Windows 7 – neither are supported now. I am not a fan of Windows 8 and few were – notice that they skipped version 9. Windows 10 IS an improvement though.  Here is a timeline of the Windows Operating System…

Windows OS Timeline (Wikipedia)

As I write here in 2016 I have to say I have to say it is more complicated.

Many swear by Macs and many used to swear by Windows – you don’t hear the latter much anymore.

Usually, the big drawback of Macs is the price – they are seldom on sale. HOWEVER, you can buy a reconditioned Mac Computer WITH WARRANTY at a much more reasonable price and I recommend you consider doing this.

The operating system argument aside I have to say that from my experience Macs last a lot longer than Windows computers do. This goes a long way in negating the price drawback – you DO get quality when you buy a Mac.

Google Chromebooks are pretty cool but are limited – usually no hard drive, usually less RAM and generally are to be used ONLINE – connected to the Internet. They would make a great 2nd computer but not great as your primary computer.