Facebook Tips

What are the dimensions of Facebook profile pictures and cover photos?

Facebook Help Center’s Explanation

The Profile Picture – 

The Cover Photo or Banner is 160×160 pixels on your Page on computers. It is 140×140 pixels on smartphones and 50×50 pixels on most other phones. It must be at least 180×180 pixels.  Any other size and it will have to be cropped or adjusted and may not look right.

The Cover Photo or Banner – 

The Cover Photo or Banner is 851 x 315 pixels.Any other size and it will have to be cropped or adjusted and may not look right.

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

C – Click ‘C’ to ‘comment’

J – Click ‘J’ to go from one story to the next

K – Click ‘K’ to go from one story to the previous one

P – Click ‘P’ to start a post

S – Click ‘S’ to ‘share’ a story


For the following, press down the two keys and the special key.

  • PC (Windows)
    • Chrome – ‘Alt’ + ‘#’ then __
    • Internet Explorer (please consider using another) ‘Alt’ + ‘#’ then __
    • Firefox – ‘Shift’ + ‘Alt’ then __
  • Mac
    • Safari, Chrome AND Firefox – ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Opt’ then __
  • Special Keys
    • 0 – ‘Help’
    • 1 – ‘Home’
    • 2 – ‘YOUR OWN Timeline’
    • 5 – ‘Notifications’
    • 6 – ‘Settings’
  • Less Useful Ones (in my opinion)
    • 3 – ‘People You May Know’
    • 4- ‘Inbox’
    • 7 – ‘Activity Log’
    • 8 – Facebook’s ‘About’ page
    • 9 – Facebook’s ‘Terms’

Source: – https://www.facebook.com/help/156151771119453



Facebook Extensions for Chrome and other browsers

MakeUseOf.com lists ‘15 Extensions to Transform Your Facebook Experience‘.

I’ve tried most of them for at least a few minutes. Some are great and in my opinion, some are a little bit of a hassle.

It is personal choice based on what your needs or desires are – For example:

– do you want to block ads?

– do you want to increase privacy?

– do you want to arrange the newsfeed differently?

My favorites from the list are:

How can I create and add an Animated Gif to my Facebook Timeline?

Here is how to do it…

You can easily create an Animated Gif (.gif) using Google Photo

Upload your photos

Click on ‘+’ >  ‘Animation’ > Click on the photos you want to use then > ‘Create’

Find the ‘Animation’ under ‘Albums’ and download it.

THEN upload it to either Imgur.com or Giphy.com, copy the URL and then paste it into your Facebook post.





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