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Google Drive is a free file storage and synchronization service. It allows you to store files in the cloud (great backup method!), share and edit documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint like presentations, etc. with others.

Google Drive

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Google Drive Tutorials

Tutorials – Tips & instructions on other Google Products including Google Drive, Documents, Forms, Sites, Slides, etc.

This is a very good tutorial on Google Drive from Anson Alexander (


Have a Microphone? Type with your Voice in Google Drive!

Some of the new laptops have built in microphones. If not you can buy one inexpensively.

If your computer has a microphone or if you plug in a microphone, you can speak the words and they will be typed in Google Drive.

Start your Google document
Go to ‘Tools’ > ‘Voice Typing’ (look for the microphone)
Click the microphone to start speaking (if necessary, click on ‘Allow’)
Refer to this for more information –

Managing Files & Folders

How do you add a file to multiple folders in Google Drive?

Here’s how…

  • Find the file you want to copy. (For more than one file, hold down the Ctrl key in Windows or the Command key in Mac OS and select each one)
  • Then press Shift-Z
  • select ‘My Drive’ in the pop up window,  bringing up a list of the folders and files in your Drive account
  • Find the folder where you want to put the document > select it > click ‘Add here’ (to use a new folder, click on the icon of the folder with a plus sign, select it, and press Add here’
  • Repeat to copy the file to each additional folder

You didn’t move the file or create a copy. You just created a link in each folder that points to the original file

See which folders a file is pointed to by using the Details menu:

  • Select the file > click the ‘Details’ icon (a circle with an “i” in the center) in the upper-right of the toolbar
  • Select the’Details’ tab to see info about the file such as when created and last modified and the folders it’s in
  • To remove the file from a folder, click the ‘X’next to it


Highlighting in Google Documents

It is not exactly obvious how to highlight something in Google Documents. Here is the trick –

  • with your mouse, select the words that you want to highlight
  • click on the down arrow beside the ‘Text Color’ icon
  • ‘Highlight’ is the right tab.
  • Select a ‘highlight’ color

Highlighting In Google Docs

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