iPad Tips

The Keyboard Can Be Split For Typing With BothThumbs

Normally the keyboard is straight across and you have to hold the iPad with one hand and type with the other hand because it is very hard to type with thumbs. It looks like this…

iPad Keyboard

Splitting the keyboard is easy!

All you have to touch the on-screen keyboard with both thumbs and slide them apart.

Then you can easily reach the entire keyboards with your thumbs.

Split iPad Keyboard


To close the keyboard back just touch your thumbs to the keyboard again and slide them towards each other.

Easily Show Slideshows of your Photo Albums on your iPad

If you are like me, you love taking pictures and enjoy looking at them.

It is incredibly easy to show your photos as a slideshow on your iPad. Here is how…

  • Open the ‘Photos’ app
  • Tap on ‘Albums’ on the bottom left
  • Select the ‘Album’ you want to watch
  • Tap ‘Slideshow’ at the top right

It will probably look and sound awesome already, but if you like you can change options – you can change the Theme, Music, or Speed.

iPad Slideshow

Don’t take photos with your iPad? Do you use an iPhone, Android or a camera. If you sync or upload your pictures to iCloud Photo Library then your pictures can be synced to your iPad.  Need help? email me.