iPhone Tips

Quickest way to charge your battery

The quickest way to charge your battery is by plugging the adapter into the wall outlet (not via USB into the computer). It will also help if you put the phone into Airplane mode.

Find out what is draining your battery

Open up the ‘Settings’ app

iPhone settings icon


Scroll down (below ‘General’) and tap ‘Battery’

iPhone Battery Settings

‘Battery Usage’ will refresh and show you the apps that have been using your battery the most the past 24 hours or over the last 7 days.

Look for apps that are taking too much of your battery.

Now you know what the battery hogs are and you can try to use them less.


Contrary to the opinion of many Apple says that ‘open apps’ do not drain batteries – The Guardian: ‘No, quitting iPhone apps doesn’t help save battery, says Apple’

Changing the Four Featured App Icons at the Bottom

I believe the default apps featured at the bottom are ‘Phone’, ‘Mail’, ‘Messages’ and ‘Safari’.

If you’d rather have another app featured, you can replace one of those with another your preferred app.

Here’s how…

  • Click and hold the one featured app you want to remove till it starts vibrating.
  • Drag it up to the ‘desktop’
  • Drag your preferred app to the empty space.
  • Press the ‘Home’ button.

My iPhone is full. How do I free up space?

Automatically Add a Period, a Space & Capitalize Next Word

Automatically add a period, a space at the end of a sentence and capitalize the next word – Tap the ‘Space’ key twice.

Keep YouTube Playing After You Close the Phone

Keep YouTube playing after you close the phone. Use Safari browser rather than the app. Start the YouTube video and (after any ad), press ‘Home’. The music stops so…A) Using headphones with a controller – press play OR B) Using speaker – press ‘Home’ > swipe up on the line (below ‘swipe to unlock’) > press ‘Play’ when you see the song title, etc. (under the ‘brightness slide’) (Source: Science Alert)

Working with Contact Names in iPhone

“Q. How do I add a photo to someone’s address file directly in my iPhone’s Contacts app?”  The answer can be found on NYTimes.com.