Mac Computer Tips

Mac Key Shortcuts

Apple Support – ‘Most Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

I’d be interested in finding one THAT WORKS for ‘Find and Replace’. If you know what it is, please email me.

Capture Screen Shot on a Mac

Capture part of a screen by holding down these three keys – Command, shift and 4. Release them. Move the ‘bulls eye’ to the uppermost leftside point > click mouse once and drab to the lowest rightside point > release. The image will be placed on your desktop.C

Delete Key/Backspace Key

If you are new to Macs you will notice the absence of the Backspace key which is used to delete characters AFTER the cursor.  To do the same on a mac, hold down ‘FN’ and click ‘Delete’.

Adding a Font to Mac

There are many companies that offer free fonts and some of them are very nice. For example, I just downloaded a great font (Beverly) from’s ‘Free Goods’ because it was offered free today.

Once I downloaded it, I clicked on the arrow on the right side of  the downloaded file and selected ‘Show in Folder’.

Other steps…(compare t0 the image below)

  • ‘Double Click’ on the folder to unzip / expand it.
  • Look for the .otf file > ‘Right Click’ > choose ‘Open With’ > ‘Font Book’
  • Click ‘Install’

Installing a font in Mac

More more information on using ‘Font Book’, look at this ‘Mac Basics: Font Book‘ page.

What is the difference between an .otf and .ttf font? AND which is better? In summary, the .otf is the better of the two. Find out more about them and why .otf versions of fonts are better

Useful Mac APPS to Try

CopyClip – CopyClip is the simplest and most efficient clipboard manager for your Mac. Running discreetly from your menu bar, this app stores all that you have copied or cut in the past, allowing you to quickly find that snippet of text you’ve been looking for.

Improving Your Mac's Security AND Performance

How to Make Your Mac Run Safer and More Efficiently (

Do Macs Get Viruses? 10 Examples From the Last 3 Years (

Macs tend to have fewer security problems than Windows, but Mac users can’t take security for granted. Use good security practices, such as using good passwords and changing them often. Also, use antivirus software to keep Mac computers free of malware.