Photo Editing & Storage

What is a good Online Photo Editor? is an awesome FREE photo editor.  The premium version called, ‘Royale’, is well worth it and costs $33 a year if billed annually. is another awesome FREE photo editor. Use it to create a collage (grid or shape) or a fancy card.  A premium subscription is available for $29.95 a year if billed annually.

What is a good Online Photo Storage Site?

I personally like Google Photo.  I have my iPhone set up to upload automatically to this Website. Here is an article about the Website.


How Do I Create and Share An Animated GIF?

Here is how to do it…

You can easily create an Animated Gif (.gif) using Google Photo

Upload your photos

Click on ‘+’ >  ‘Animation’ > Click on the photos you want to use then > ‘Create’

Find the ‘Animation’ under ‘Albums’ and download it.

THEN upload it to either or, copy the URL and then paste it into your Facebook post or whereever you want to use it.