Operating a Windows (PC) Computer

Customizing the Start Menu

Screenshots (or taking a picture of what is on the monitor)

The ability to take a screenshot is a very useful skill. It will allow you to…

  • email or facebook message a picture of what is on your screen to someone who is helping you (ex: The Personal Computer Teacher!)
  • you can paste the image into Paint or other editing software (www.PicMonkey.com is also great!) and crop it (trim it or reshape it)

To do it…

  • Press the ‘PrtScn’ key – this copies the image to the clipboard. You can now paste it into a program.
  • To copy only the front window, press and hold down ‘Alt’ then ‘PrtScn’ – – this copies the image to the clipboard. You can now paste it into a program.
  • To save the image – press and hold down the ‘Windows logo key’ then ‘PrtScn’. The image will be placed in a ‘Screenshots’ folder within your ‘Pictures’ folder.
  • You can also use ‘Snipping Too’. Click here for instructions.

Increasing the Size of the Text on your Monitor

Here’s how you do it…

  • ‘Right click’ on the desktop.
  • Choose ‘Resolution’ or ‘Screen Resolution’
  • Click one of the options
Change the size of all items on a Windows monitor

(Photo source: Windows Microsoft)

  • Click ‘Apply’
  • ‘Log off’ and then sign back in.

There is also a ‘slider’ for selecting a size in between or larger those options.

  • Drag the slider until you like the size
  • Click ‘Ok’

Windows 10's successor to 'Control Panel', the 'SETTINGS APP' & 'God Mode'

I, and perhaps you, started using DOS and Windows a LONG time ago and seen a lot of change.  The earliest version of DOS (in this DOS timeline) that I remember is 3.1. You?

In Windows 8, the familiar ‘Control Panel’ was replaced with the ‘Settings App’, a more limited and graphical tool.  For unleashing more power, see ‘GodMode’ below.

Here are some good resources for explaining the differences and similarities of the new ‘Settings App’ with the old ‘Control Panel’:


GodMode – “GodMode is a hidden folder that makes available a range of handy customizations for your PC. The best part is that it is easy to install and not complicated.” (source: TechTimes.com)

Windows 10 Shortcut Hints & Intro to GodMode from DigitalTrends.com.